Welcome to POP DAD BENEFIT! The difference in our fundraising is this:

  1. SPORTS X INC and THE ART AND FRAMING GALLERY are not 501(c)(3) *NON PROFITS* which translates into us not accepting Cancer Contributions or using volunteers. STAND WITH ESTELA FOUNDATION can and does accept contributions.
  2. ALL prize money won by winning teams in any of our events MUST be donated to a local Cancer Charity or Foundation.
  3. Our winners get to choose the local Charity or Foundation that will be the BENEFICIARY of the prize money won.
  4. Money will be sent to the named BENEFICIARY within 3 days following the event. BENEFICIARY will notify winning team that their donation has been received.

Cancer Oath:

I will attack children & adults both male & female.
I will not discriminate based on color.
I refuse to consider Race or Nationality.
I refuse to consider age, career, or any social status.
I will cause pain through all forms of treatments designed to halt or slow me.
I will attack in many forms & promise to be relentless.
I will attack any human on this earth that i so choose.
I will destroy families & lives.
I will demolish hope.
I challenge you to stop me.

- Cancer.

Cancer by description is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. It takes on many identities and unlike human beings, nondiscrimination is the core of its foundation. Being attacked by an enemy whose origin is largely unknown has presented an awakening, a battle, and a fight that sadly offer only two outcomes. Either it wins or you survive.

SPORTS X INC, STAND WITH ESTELA, and THE ART AND FRAMING GALLERY have joined together to challenge Cancer in our community. Charities and Foundations across the country host any number of successful events that raise much needed funds for their local areas. We feel that making a unified stand against all forms of Cancer will provide a portion of the much-needed local funding to service immediate needs. Our joint goal is to provide venues that allow all segments of our community to join the fight and make a difference.

We sincerely hope that our approach fills what research has determined to be a void surrounding Cancer contribution. The void, such a small percentage of the money raised ever reaches or serves those who need it most.

  • Palms of the People / Dinner Art Dance

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